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At Focus Vision, we care about your eyes. We specialize in primary eye care, pediatric optometry, contact lens fitting, geriatric eye care, ocular diseases and binocular vision.

Dr. Anh Ho is a thorough and experienced optometrist with over 10 years of experience. She graduated from a top-notch optometry school, UAB School of Optometry in Birmingham.

We have a very friendly and kind staff who can speak multiple languages such as English, Vietnamese, and Spanish. We offer a wide variety of products from soft to custom gas permeable contact lenses; basic single vision lenses to latest free-form progressives and complete and long lasting glare-free and UV protection Anti-reflective coatings; sports sunglasses to designer brands such as Gucci and Kate Spade. We have glasses in every price range from our value frames that start at $59/pair to Japanese-made and Italian frames that average $400-$500/pair.



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A Full Range of Vision Services in Atlanta

Dr. Ho, and the knowledgeable Focus Vision staff provide top-notch, state-of-the-art eye care in a warm, friendly, and supportive atmosphere. They consistently integrate new vision-correcting technologies and advances in eye care to ensure optimal ocular health for men, women, and children in Atlanta.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Whether you’re experiencing vision problems, have dry eyes, need new glasses or contact lenses, or just want to ensure your eyes’ health with a regular exam, the experts at Focus Vision in Norcross, Georgia can help. If you’re ready for an eye exam, call our helpful staff today.
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You’re smart, and your eyeglasses help you look it! The hundreds of designer-frame eyeglasses at Focus Vision in Atlanta, Georgia offer the easiest way to correct your vision problem (and make a fashion statement, too). If you’re a woman or a man in North Georgia who is looking for eyeglasses for vision correction, style, or both, call Dr. Ho at Focus Vision today for an eye exam and eyeglass styling.
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Contact Lenses

If your eyes are the mirror to your soul, then you want people to see them — while still seeing clearly. Contact lenses from Focus Vision in Norcross, GA correct your vision discreetly, allowing your natural radiance to shine through. If you live in the Atlanta area and are ready to see better and look better with contact lenses, call the friendly optometrists at Focus Vision today. You can also book an appointment online.
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Dry Eyes

Scratchy, itchy, painful, or red eyes that persist may be a sign that you have a condition known as dry eye. Dr. Ho at Focus Vision in Atlanta, Georgia can remedy dry eye with medications or surgery. If you’re a woman or man in the Atlanta area with dry eye, book an appointment online or call our friendly staff.
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Women, men, and children with diabetes are at risk for eye disorders that can lead to severe consequences, including impaired vision and blindness. Regular exams by Dr. Ho at Fos Vision can ensure that any diabetes-related changes to your eyes are caught and treated early. Atlanta residents with diabetes can book an appointment online or call us to set up regular yearly exams.

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Glaucoma is a severe eye condition that usually has no symptoms but may lead to partial or full vision loss. The best prevention for glaucoma is regular testing by Dr.Ho at Focus Vision Eye Care. Men, women, and children in the North Georgia area can schedule an evaluation for glaucoma testing by calling the friendly staff at Focus Vision or booking an appointment online.
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Computer Vision Syndrome

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other computers may make your life easier, but they put a heavy burden on your eyes. If you have eye strain or other symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), Dr. Ho at Focus Vision, Atlanta, Georgia, can help you with solutions ranging from lifestyle adjustments to corrective lenses. If you’re a woman, man, or child in the Atlanta area with tired, strained, or dry eyes, visit Focus Vision Center by calling for an appointment or using the online form.

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